[OpenIndiana-discuss] Where Do I Get Source To Pic?

Andrew Gabriel illumos at cucumber.demon.co.uk
Sat Nov 8 14:17:25 UTC 2014

Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> On 11/ 7/14 08:58 AM, jay at m5.chicago.il.us wrote:
>> I need to obtain source to pic, because my Schillix system does not
>> have it.  http://src.illumos.org/source/xref/illumos-gate/usr/src/cmd/
>> does not have a pic subdirectory.  It has eqn and tbl, and of course
>> troff, but no pic.  Where do I get source to pic?  Thank you in
>> advance for any and all replies.
> https://gnu.org/software/groff/
> Solaris never included pic in it's nroff packages.

The Solaris nroff/troff come from AT&T Documentors Workbench version 2 
(which also included pic and grap).
The groff equivalents (at least for nroff and troff) have never been 
completely compatible.

If you want the AT&T Documentors Workbench source, the last version was 
opensourced as part of Plan 9.
Some of the utilities (I forget which) had been converted to Plan 9's 
stdio replacement, but converting back to use Unix stdio is not difficult.

BTW, the omission of pic from Solaris was a long standing accidental 
oversight - there was a Sun bugid to fix it, but it never got fixed. The 
Sun documentation team used pic internally in the early days.

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