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OI actually has a roadmap - we call it the TODO list.

Also remember, OI is a 'CORE OS' Live CD/DVD desktop/server distro - not a buffet or extravaganza OS distro.

A lot of the original major work was already done. Most of the work now is bug fixes and upkeep.

Most users may not know that many major OS distros only release a CD/DVD release/snapshot ONCE a year.
The release stable snapshots that were still buggy and not fully tested. Some apps wouldn't even load. Yet, they
claimed a 'stable' software release. This still goes in the commercial desktop wars and open source distros.

Also, OI is not so much about being a OI developer (remember, it pulls 'more' from the upstream developments as well as illumos developments). A core OS is not about glitz and glamour. You want to provide upkeep to a snapshot of core consolidations.

So in shortness, we have today:
1. kernel environment (illumos-gate)
2. Userland
3. Xnv (X11)
4. Desktop UI (JDS)
5. Installer
6. package management

Most OI work consists of the upkeep and packaging of #1, #2, and #4.

The roadmap consists of providing the next distro releases and importing recent changes from upstream consolidation providers. The upstream development teams have done the heavy-lifting, code patching,
and code review.

So , if something does not work - it usually is an oversight from upstream or a bad compile or packaging job.

File a bug or enhancement report.

The OI project only need a few dedicated people maintaining it - not thousands of developers working on the actual project (in reality, it already has that). Think 'very small' business - how many employees are operating most of the small businesses in your current city/town? Normally, 1-6 people. Most departments in small or 
med-size companies have teams of 1-6 people. So, there is a misconception of needing a lot of people
for the project or small/micro business. Most Linux OS distros are worked on by 1-2 people per distro.

The OI project truely benefits from EveryCity's working capital, resources, overhead, and hosting solutions.
That is actually an understatement. EveryCity has gone above and beyond supporting both the illumos and
OI project.

So my point is that you should support those small businesses that sponsor and support the OI project. The
real companies behind the scene.Give them credit where it is due. Also, support those students or people
working at universities and colleges, professional developers, and enthusiasts.

Money is not everything, but time is...

~ Ken Mays

On Saturday, October 11, 2014 5:45 AM, The Outsider <openindiana at out-side.nl> wrote:

I have no knowledge of programming. But i am willing to help on the 
website, testsystems, hosting or other needs. Unfortunality i have little 
to zero free time.

It would be nice if we could find students that have interest in developing OI.

But a roadmap would be nice for the above.

On 11 oktober 2014 13:38:00 Alexander Pyhalov <alp at rsu.ru> wrote:

> Mark Stephens писал 11.10.2014 00:22:
> > I am trying to decide if I should go with Omnios or OpenIndiana for my
> > storage needs. So I would like to ask is this project still under
> > active
> > development? I do not see much activity on the website or any other
> > medium
> > such a twitter.
> Hello.
> The project is still alive. Perhaps, it's not evident, looking at our
> site, but it is.
> If someone wants to update it, he is welcome.
> There are sufficient problems, as OI developer is a more and more
> extinct kind of beast.
> If you want just basic storage (i.e., fresh base and ~ Solaris 11 level
> of userland software
> (I mean, a bit outdated)), you can look at OI Hipster. We are trying to
> deliver at least most
> urgent security fixes. On other hand, illumos-gate provided packages is
> rebuilt every day,
> which may be not so convenient in server environment - pkg update will
> always want to update all
> base packages. You can try to stick to Hipster snapshots. We are going
> to prepare them
> once per several months. The current one is cooking now.
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