[OpenIndiana-discuss] is this project still active

Alexander Pyhalov alp at rsu.ru
Sat Oct 11 13:06:20 UTC 2014

The Outsider писал 11.10.2014 16:45:
> I have no knowledge of programming. But i am willing to help on the
> website, testsystems, hosting or other needs. Unfortunality i have
> little to zero free time.
> It would be nice if we could find students that have interest in 
> developing OI.
> But a roadmap would be nice for the above.

There's a TODO list - http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/TODO+list .
It's not vast, but if someone interested uppears, there's always a dozen 
tasks to do.
There are also some serious projects which can be enough for standing 
Bachelor's or Master's thesises.

We are also interested in different tools for automating different work 
and testing.
System Administrator of Southern Federal University Computer Center

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