[OpenIndiana-discuss] rastertoz55 and the Lexmark X6170

John D Groenveld jdg117 at elvis.arl.psu.edu
Tue Mar 17 21:07:50 UTC 2015

In message <55089372.2010509 at kit.edu>, "Udo Grabowski (IMK)" writes:
>I don't think the question of the poster was how to compile
>CUPS and foomatic, but how to get support for that specific
>z55 Lexmark printer. And all that can be said about that is
>that there is no such support in Solaris, because that
>rastertoz55 program is proprietary stuff that only is available
>for the usual suspects.

Is z55 printer backwards compatible with z51 PCL?

groenveld at acm.org

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