[OpenIndiana-discuss] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.

Martin Bochnig mb1x at gmx.com
Tue Mar 24 04:20:12 UTC 2015

EDIT: Sorry for the html email, I'm using a webmailer and it was not intended to mess with html.

$ cd ~/Downloads
$ wget http://opensxce.org/.FF/37/i386/SUNWfirefox37__OpenSolaris_snv_130_i386.pkg.bz2
$ bunzip2 ./SUNWfirefox37__OpenSolaris_snv_130_i386.pkg.bz2
$ su
# pkgadd -d ./SUNWfirefox37__OpenSolaris_snv_130_i386.pkg
FF37 can be started in 3 different ways, either of the following ...
$ /usr/bin/firefox37
$ /usr/lib/firefox37/bin/firefox
or under JDS/Gnome from {Start}->{All Applications}->{Internet}->{Firefox 37 Beta}
# pkgrm SUNWfirefox37

It was 1 month of fulltime effort, night/day.
Actually I thought the price for this is 29$ (and that still doesn't even pay just a fraction of my time).
But I know this "community", so: Forgive me, that I dare to work on such things at all  .....
It would be nice if some person would in fact paypal me sth to mb1x at gmx.com
Otherwise once and for all: I CANNOT CONTINUE with such stuff such as FF37++ (needs to be brought to SPARC, too).
Also EFI ready installer in OpenSXCE_x86/x64.next.
New Solaris12 level userland (only some pkg deps logic missing).

It's *your* decision.
best regards, %m
email: mb1x at gmx.com
(cannot access martin at martux.org for 2 months now)
Test it and if you find it useful, then, maybe,  ... ok, forget it.
p.s. As I have no OI or Hipster or what it is and just re-subscribed for this msg, first test if it works on OI.
However - if OI is binary compatible to snv_130, then it should  do phantastic.
p.s. XXXXX__HTML5_video_works__audio_works_too__XXXXX
pp.s. Don't expect the same amount of 1000 hours uptime stability, that ten well-paid engineers from Oracle China could provide.
However - I tested it on internal OpenSXCE2015.03 x86/x64 and SunSXCE snv_130 and it works amazingly well.

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