[OpenIndiana-discuss] EFI boot and also Xorg version vs. removal of 32bit modules

Martin Bochnig mb1x at gmx.com
Tue Mar 24 05:36:41 UTC 2015

EDIT: Sorry again for the earlier html crap. It is 6:32am (after a long OpenSXCE night) and this html pain here on gmx.de webmailer is something that didn't need to be explicitly disabled for every emailuntil recently, annoying.

Also reving up intel and radeon too high (KMS-only).
Back in 2013 I spent months backporting the then most recent S12 X11-gate to /usr/X11 plus to AMD64 _and_ IA32, which brought me to the conclusion, that Xorg xserver 1.12.2 is the way to go for the next years.
Once I had described these things in detail, but my blog contained to much politics and I eventually deleted the entire thing.
All such things would require extensive responses.
But I thing I neither want to provide them, nor they would be welcome.
Fact is, we have different approaches (totally) in every important key question.
And maybe that's good.
I have EFI booting since last November and use Grub2 and a much newer slim_install checkout for it.
This was a big achievement back then, but I didn't complete the backport from IPS to SVR4/pkgutil.
However: I do have it working in my test env. All too new deps (requiring Oracle-only functionality) can be replaced with what we have on snv_147!!! That was the toughest part.
Now I see your src and I'm scratching my head, why I chose the most difficult route.
Probably it is good to have two (completely) different distros, that offers more choice.
I must also say I'm glad to see so much key activity from Alexander Pyhalov .
Well, let's continue this thread after I finally have the long delayed OpenSXCE2014.11 ready my way.
Afterwards - I promise - we can have a fair technical comparison.
Regards from East-Berlin

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