[OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi-dev] EFI boot and also Xorg version vs. removal of 32bit modules

Martin Bochnig mb1x at gmx.com
Tue Mar 24 06:51:39 UTC 2015

Privet Alexander,

> Are you interested in integration your KMS work or DRM update to

Yes, it always depends on the team.
The 2nd reason for the long delay: First I wanted and still want and must... get OpenSXCE 201"4.11" finished. Of course now with the latest Illumos bits and changed name (2015.03 at the moment, but it won't be ready this month).
Of course this includes such a large number of extensions and enhancements over 2014.05, that it might have been better, to deliver them step by step (with publicly downloadable interim releases).

My KMS/GEM port from BSD is only partially functional. X11 comes up with modern 2.99 intel kKMS-only ddx'es, but end in an indefinite loop   :-(
I debugged it but it requires ages to solve it, that's clear. Since summer 2013 I did not continue on that problem.

It is a mess of 4 or 5 different "problematic" zones, KMS/GEM is only one of them.
And all that only refers to x86, while I actually still need to rev-up SPARC a bit  .....

In the meantime I must sell some of my last old computers on ebay (I paid many thousands, now get pennies, even with the biggest effort to write detailed long fancy ebau item descriptions, what a WASTE of time and $$$) and it all distracts me (no income, and thanks to OpenSXCE not even _time_ for an income).

Now I lost another month building QT (for vbox), very latest vbox checkout (all this together 1 week), but since then 3 or 4 weeks for FireFox, as published today in (for now) binary form.
However - if you and or OI wants you can re-dist it, because now after I signed the branding I feel ok with that.

I had no sleep since yesterday morning.
Maybe I should continue another time (probably lots of typos in here, but I'm too tired to pick them).

As for EFI boot, I've made some changes to installer which allow
installing OI to EFI-labeled disk.
But they are too rude and require more work (for example, for installin
on partition
of EFI-labeled disk).

Yes, after OpenSXCE x86 is out (April?) we can discuss about how you can have the newer installer if you want.
I mean: How you get it to do anything.
The Python based implementation also for gui-install.
The same magic Oracle is using still today, on S11.2.
With some extra screens and extra options, and of course full partitioning screens with Oracle implemented EFI support.
The hard stuff was only to get it working on our old snv_147, while it normally requires at the extreme minimum circa snv_168.
Well - was very very time intensive.

Good night for now, and let OpenSXCE and ok, OI be friends.
After a new OpenSXCE and webpage will be finally finished, you find me here, continuing this discussion.

I deleted all twitter and facebook accounts.
It was a waste of time.
We rather continue here on this technical list with real precise code snippets.
But as I said - there are still some miles to go, before OpenSXCE2015.0n is ready ...

Till then,

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