[OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi-dev] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.

Martin Bochnig mb1x at gmx.com
Tue Mar 24 18:23:44 UTC 2015

Hi Aurelien,

thank you for your donation from December 11th 2013, which was not forgotten.
I promised true transparency and kept my word: 

20131211   Aurelien Larcher         100 EUR

I would also like to thank the 3 fellows who paid something for FireFox 37 today:

W David Pooser:     30 USD
Lars-Gunnar Taube:  50 EUR
Nikola M. (I guess he wants to keep his last name anonymous, so I won't post it) : 10 EUR

Thank you for this!
Can I pay any bills from this? No, but it still helps a minimal bit.
And it shows good will.

Well, I needed 1 month to get FF37 built.
I shared it with the community in usable binary form.
I gave some few hints.
What else do folks expect from me, especially those "contributors" who told me I shall stop posting anything to this list last year (while the persons I'm referring to have _never_ contributed a single line of code to the OpenSolaris community)?

Do you expect that I also upload all my patches developed in 4 or 5 weeks, plus give build hints on top of that?
That would mean, I give away my life's fruits of 5 weeks (in case of FF it's only 5 weeks, the cost amounts to 10 years).

Okay, why not.
I do this on the very day when the first person who keeps demanding such things shares with me _his_ fruits of the same amount of time of _his_ life.
How many hundred thousands would that be then?

Ah, I know, that's something compleeeeeeetelyyyyyyyyy diffffferennt, righ?

Other open-src developers may be in a position to do such things, because rather than his mother a true community or business is $$$ially supporting them, permitting them to pay their own electricity, health insurance and flat rent's bills.
Then they are "true open src heroes".
I - however - are not that lucky.

All of my calls for helps have stayed unheard since 2005 (and since 2003 when I contributed CSWbochs and CSWqemu to Blastwave).
Therefore I suggest OI can be happy, that or if I offer such bins for every FF release from now on.
And yes, I already started the work to get flash working and as soon as I do, will offer a new package on http://opensxce.org/.FF/37/i386/  (and post a new announcement here).

Everybody has been indoctrinated to hate communism.
But most people reading this (not you) expect others to provide everything for free.
I see a contradiction there.

New binary FF releases will follow, that's the best I'm willing to upload, until my life finally gets any $$ial perspective, any tiniest bit of sustainability.

Last but not least: The versions mentioned in http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Firefox are quite meaningless to getting it built.
Check the 40k lines from Sun and 10k lines from NetBSD, invest a few weeks or better months (here on this slow Celeron), then you find out what is missing.
Until then you can use my bins.

best regards,

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Betreff: Re: [OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi-dev] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.
Hi Martin,
very glad to hear from you !
Thanks for your updates, I will be happy to support you again with a modest
Do you see any information that we could put on this page to track patches
and build notes ?
Best regards,


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