[OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi-dev] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.

Nikolam minikola at gmail.com
Wed Mar 25 10:05:58 UTC 2015

Glad to see you back on the list Martin, you are welcome sharing your views.

OI is in need of source contributors testing and maintaining.
I am glad you are using CDDL for code contributions, as per release
notes and I like your dedication to support SPARC.

OI also supports SVR4 .pkg packages so this could be looked at as
rehearsal of making external products to Openindiana/illumos, although
there is also possibility of making IPS repository, accessible using

I want to be able build FF and and other things too, by myself
locally, so I can contribute in area I can. So having binary-only does
not help in that.
That said, without source, you can not be sure what is inside, like it
was for chromium port we already had here.

There is also SeaMonkey port to OI that needs maintaining.
(I have it somewhere and I _think_ I have seen sources somewhere, let
me get back on this)

There are more people here wanting to build FF on this list and OI and
I would like to collaborate on building FF/SM and chromium with them.
I know there are patches available, that Oracle uses to contribute
their regular builds.

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