[OpenIndiana-discuss] rsyncd configuration

Bruce Lilly bruce.lilly at gmail.com
Thu Mar 26 20:47:39 UTC 2015

Try the "uid" section of man rsyncd.conf.

On Thu, Mar 26, 2015 at 4:50 AM, Sebastian Gabler <sequoiamobil at gmx.net>

> Hi,
> I am trying to solve a problem that i have ignored for quite a long time.
> The issue is that "messages" are flooded with rsync permission errors, and
> that some files are not backed up properly. What I have found so far is the
> following:
> - rsyncd is running as "root"
> -the issue is the same when rsync is invoked locally, or from a remote
> host (I am running OI as a backup server calling other machines, OI and
> Ubuntu as clients). The call usually is "rsync -azt --numeric-ids
> --timeout=600 --port ..."
> - the failing files all seem to have in common that there are no read
> rights on the o- bits. (i.e. 2.5K -rw-------  1 root root ssh_host_rsa_key
> file is faling consistently)
> I seem to be missing something really basic with the access rights here.
> My understanding is that the access rights of the user running rsyncd on
> the client will count.  Naively, why would rsync running as root not read a
> file root owns? Why is this going per o- permissions?
> If I could make it go by the group at least, then still how could I solve
> the other aspects, i.e. the rsync user reading files that are owned by
> others like dladm:netadm? I understand as well that at least for the above
> RSA key I don't want to have anybody else but owner read the file. Is there
> still some RBAC trick or ACLs that could help me back up everything?
> Once solved for OI, I will probably have to address the same on the linux
> machines.
> Thanks for any hints, and sorry for the noob aspects of this matter if
> there are any.
> Regards,
> Sebastian
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