[OpenIndiana-discuss] Will mixing 4K drives and non 4K drives in a storage pool work properly?

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I had the same problem I could never get the sd.conf stuff to work out right
for recognizing my 1.5tb seagates as 4k drives so what I did is backed up my
entire pool. Destroyed my pool and remade the pool with my new 2gb drive in
the pool thus setting the sector size for the pool to 4k . Moved all the
data back. 

My old Seagate 1.5 gb drives preform fine at 4k I have noticed no
performance issues.

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storage pool work properly?

I have a system with a bunch of 1.5TB drives running oi_151a5. One of the
drives is failing and needs replacement. The problem is that new 1.5TB
drives are no longer available on the market.

Now, all drives are non-4K sector drives. The largest non-4K drives
available are the 1TB drives which obviously are too small.

So the only viable option for me is to go with 2TB drives which are 4K
drives. Will such a replacement drive work together with the other non-4K
drives without hiccups and performance issues?

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