[OpenIndiana-discuss] Testing updates from /dev to /hipster-2015 and /hipster

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Mon May 9 12:06:03 UTC 2016

On 05/ 9/16 07:20 AM, bentahyr at chez.com wrote:
> Thanks for the great job.

Yes, thanks actually to those people making it possible.

Thank you bentahyr very much for testing and putting updating 
instructions on the ML, even more nicer ones then I expected.
I have put update and testing instructions on Wiki for easy find and 
reference, under:

To all, take a notice that beside having confirmed updating doing 
right,  we still need resurrected upadatemanager and packagemenager GUIs 
so that updated machines can continue to receive update notices in the 
future. There's no point in pushing it to /dev without at least 
updatemanager working.
So we need some Python talents working on this

There is also the need for people who need to continue to run their 
binaries to have OI 151a branded zone in OI hipster and in /dev landing,
but those are 2 additional projects beside testing updates.

Please test and provide feedback.

> I tested today the update from oi_151a9 to Hipster2015 to hipster.
> It was a long journey.
> The hardware is a Dell Precision T5400 (16GB of memory and 2 mirrored pools)
> It took me the whole day as I have very poor IO performance on that hardware.
Maybe you can create a new message as a new topic on 
openindiana-discuss, explaining your hardware setup, zfs settings, block 
sizes etc so to see if your low IO performance is only from the hardware 
or it could be helped with. (There could maybe also be oi-help mailing 
list or so, for this kind of community support, but it depend on volume, 
if would be needed)

> Here is the process I followed for reference and for the doc project :
> 1 - Create a BE to start and boot to it :
> # beadm create -a Openindiana-HipUpdate-S1
> # reboot
> 2 - remove all packages from external repositories (like SFE/SFE-encumbered but SFWpackages as well) :
> # pkginfo | grep SFW
> # pkgrm SFW[whatevername]
> # pkg uninstall --be-name Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2 `pkg list -v | egrep sfe | cut -d" " -f1`
> 3 - Reboot to new env Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2
> 4 - Remove external IPS publishers :
> # pkg unset-publisher sfe
> # pkg unset-publisher sfe-encumbered
> 5 - Change publisher to Hipster 2015
> # pkg set-publisher -g http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-2015 -G http://pkg.openindiana.org/dev openindiana.org
> # pkg refresh --full
> # pkg update --be-name Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3
> 6 - Reboot to Hipster 2015
> 7 - Verify any leftovers
> # pkg list |grep '0\.151\.1\.'
> * must be empty *
> 7 - Install incorporations
> # pkg install --no-backup-be userland-incorporation entire

Moves after this step are not needed for /dev update testing, but you 
can try it out to get newest development environment, just it is not the 
goal at the moment to end up everyone running hipster in production. :)
Goal is to set up testing crew to help making new snapshots/releases 
landing into /dev,
and to be tested more then in hipster, making changes, e.g. helping more 
on testing toward /dev in order to have better quality snapshots 
released in /dev in the future, so that quality comes up.
(hipster->dev->hipster->dev etc.. where release testing is positioned in 
hipster->dev step)

> 8 - Change publisher to Hipster
> # pkg set-publisher -g http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster -G http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-2015 openindiana.org
> 9 - Update to latest Hipster
> # pkg update --be-name OpenIndiana-Latest
> # reboot
> Now test extensively, reinstall missing applications, enable SFW for Hipster,....

I'll avoid testing at the moment with External repos but concentrate on 
just updating Openindiana, but it is surely the next step. and you can 
try all fine packages out, too at your preference, of course.

Only problem is that we ATM do not have SFE build environment set up on 
OI servers, even we have previously active sfe repo, so we need to have 
it set up for building packages for new /dev, but if there are 
volunteers to maintain it together with tommw on SFE in making OI's SFE 
build, tommw is on #pkgbuild, sfe.opencsw.org/
It is the best to currently keep hipster's localhostoi at tommw's 
because of ease and speed for hipster ATM.

> Once you're sure and happy, clean up transitioning BE :
> # beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S1
> # beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S2

*You can also choose at your preference to keep**your 
Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3* BE(or rename it to Openindiana-hipster-2015, 
so you can continue to test updating *hipster-2015* toward final new 
update for /dev

> # beadm destroy Openindiana-HipUpdate-S3
> I noticed that VirtualBox (v5.0.16)went through the update seamlessly.

This is great finding. Thank you for testing! :)

> Tomorrow I'll test update from 151a9 to /hipster directly
That would be great.  :)
I suggest you also use 'pkg update -v ' to make logs or even save logs 
to a text file '> log.txt) in case some message arises that should help 
update bugs catching.

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