[OpenIndiana-discuss] Greek keyboard

Nikola M minikola at gmail.com
Wed Mar 14 02:59:47 UTC 2018

On 03/13/18 01:30 PM, Aurelien Larcher wrote:
> Le Mardi 13 mars 2018, Nikola M a écrit :
>> Maybe going back to BE where it is all working and figure out on what
>> exact osnet-incorporation and userland-incorporation it were last
>> working, and on what update it started not working.
> This is since March 7. It seems that the update of data-xkb has sneaky side effects since I got two environments with same english+swedish keyboards to update differently: one working, one losing the accents.

Also, On:
consolidation/osnet/osnet-incorporation 0.5.11-2017.0.0.16980
consolidation/userland/userland-incorporation 0.5.11-2017.0.0.10283

I got some locale error message when doing pkg update...:
$ pfexec pkg update -v -r
pkg: Unable to set locale 'en_US.UTF-8'; locale package may be broken or
not installed.  Reverting to C locale.

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