[oi-dev] Weekly Meeting on Tuesday Jan 3rd at 19:00 UTC

Igor Kozhukhov ikozhukhov at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 16:09:32 UTC 2011

Additional comments:
1. We will integrate new changes only with GCC4 build.
2. For integration from oracle userland - we will open issue for it and
set priority - for good understanding what we need integrate first.
3. For other integrations - open issue by integration person and commit
changes with integration process.

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On 12/21/11 8:01 PM, "Bayard G. Bell" <buffer.g.overflow at gmail.com> wrote:

>On Tue, 2011-12-20 at 21:32 +0000, Bayard G. Bell wrote:
>> Quick recap on tonight's agenda. We talked about illumos-userland more
>> or less exclusively.
>> #administrivia
>> 	* new development list (userland at lists.illumos.org) to be created per
>> buffyg request to bdha
>> 	* new authoritative source repo will be created at illumos.org and
>> mirrored to bitbucket and github (not covered at meeting, but presumably
>> this will have its own project and issue tracker), also per buffyg
>> request to bdha
>Correction: as project, repo, and issue tracker already exist, request
>is limited to mailing list and repo sync. Issue number is 1913
>> #other package-related activities
>> 	* igork will sync illumos-userland with Oracle userland-gate
>We didn't arrive at any specific agreement on how to review such large
>updates. There was general agreement that we needed to break these down
>into less than a dozen or half-a-dozen changesets so that reviewers can
>focus and feedback be clear and manageable in distinguishing changes
>that need corrections and those that are ready to commit.
>We did not, however, agree on how these should be organized. This would
>also help in distributing work so that one person doesn't have to
>responsible for the lot of it going forward. Feedback by mail is
>welcome. Once agreed, issues can be submitted for tracking changes.
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