[oi-dev] Weekly Meeting on Tuesday Jan 3rd at 19:00 UTC

Bayard G. Bell buffer.g.overflow at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 18:20:06 UTC 2011

On Wed, 2011-12-21 at 20:09 +0400, Igor Kozhukhov wrote:
> Additional comments:
> 1. We will integrate new changes only with GCC4 build.
> 2. For integration from oracle userland - we will open issue for it and
> set priority - for good understanding what we need integrate first.
> 3. For other integrations - open issue by integration person and commit
> changes with integration process.

I think these are reasonable suggestions for us to settle at the next
two meetings, although we might need to improv on the second for the
work you're doing.

I think the consensus from the last meeting is that we need to break
down large syncs into multiple changesets, which would (at least
loosely) imply multiple issues. Since you've put your hand up to do the
work, I suppose the question is whether you think you'll be submitting
changes before returning from the holidays around Jan. 10. If you think
you'll be done sooner rather than later, maybe the better way to keep
things moving is to do the sync, send out the preliminary changeset and
agree how to slice it up as a one-off once we know how it looks.
Otherwise we can try to settle on a rule of thumb while the work is
still pending. Does that make sense?

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