[oi-dev] OpenSXCE: To live or to die

Martin Bochnig martin at martux.org
Wed Jun 5 00:28:06 UTC 2013

On Tue, Jun 4, 2013 at 2:15 AM, Garrett D'Amore
<garrett.damore at dey-sys.com>wrote:

> Getting any product to stable, supported solution almost by definition
> means that the product has to involve more than a single individual.  I see
> Martin's challenge here is to involve other community members, and build
> momentum around this work.  Then he can start getting serious about ways to
> monetize it.  Right now, with only him, its a fiscal dead end.
>  Unfortunately, he's created some serious non-technical hurdles to building
> that community.  I am not sure they can be overcome, honestly.

Mr, D'Amore, actually I didn't want to respond, because now after this even
the blind can see, that you are neither a community leader, nor worth my

So let's summarize:





Among other bright thoughts that you let out, you state on such a public
forum stuff like:

"Martin is insane."
"Not on his pills, literally."
"Not worth a job."
"Produces stuff that nobody wants and that nobody uses."
"That has now business value."
"That is mostly worthless and unusable."
"Should disconnect from Solaris and look for (another) job.

The best thing: You wrote that you never tried OpenSXCE.

Here again the x86 screenshots (SPARC has reached the same stability now, I
wanted to release SPARC 2013.05 this night) :

http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/sets/72157633874850547/

Mr. D'Amore, you say you are a community leader of an open minded FREE
How does it then come, that every second of your words is either "market",
"business" or "shareholders"?

And one of my last qestions to you: How would you explain, why OpenSXCE is
all that "crap" you stated, if the screenshoots should somehow look
familiar to you, if you know OpenIndiana. Maybe onbly better and supporting
SPARC addittionally.

My naive dream goal had been, to deliver you a Developer- (yet universal
purpose) OS for your commercial *and* freebee users, that want to build the
Illumos kernel on a stable platform. The OS is ready. Now I see _this_.
All I wanted was some official recognition from you and these folks that
live on the illumos lists, yet never even say hello to me.

You folks confuse "not publishing and discussing code at this (respectless)
level" with "not being able to produce code".
I just read on your list in one of these threads, that I'm a newbie.
I don't know what I should say about this. The fact you do not know
anything about me is !=  am nothing.
Think about this.

A  few days ago I wrote to your list a pointer, that I have developed a
secret for you.
I just had no time to polish it up yet. And, boy: I bet it does have a
business value for your beloved capitalist companies: I enhanced the
installer to support diskas larger than 2047GB as install target.

Well, it is good that I was so careful.
Because I never trusted you.

But what we all - worldwide - saw from you today, was just a mature
achiement of yours.
I could not thank you more, than that you have shown all your true colors
in such an un-hidden manner.

Ah, and yes: Community building. I do agree that I developed everything
alone and "in scret" during the bootstrap phase. This is just my personal
working habit, as I explained a hundret times on Twitter and elsewhere.
I know that you never took the 5 secs to visit my twitter account, although
I had sent you 3 or 4 requests over time, plus have it as my footer under
most mails.

Unfortunately, after I read your and Joyent's mails, at first I was in a
mood to whine and die. I deleted my twitter accounts, now just re-created.
Unfortunately the followers may be lost.

HAD ***YOU*** read a single day-set of my tweets, you would actually know
something about me, my interaction with friends, my correct working habits
and so on. The problem with you and some of your guys is exactly, that you
are NOT open for community interaction, new ideas, proposals and so on. I
(for example) explained all these in my tweets. How has read my tweets can
confirm this. For example:

   1. *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig* <https://twitter.com/MartinBochnig>
   8h <https://twitter.com/MartinBochnig/status/341940274555138048>

   Hi! Just sent the newest Status updates to
@*MartinBochnig*<https://twitter.com/MartinBochnig>. SPARC 2013.05
soon ready.
      *  Expand  *
    2.   [image: Martin Bochnig] *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig*

   For example, we can even decide to base OpenSXCE on
http://DilOS.org <http://t.co/IF3OO5muCB>It is not about me or x or y,
but about OpenSolaris staying ALIVE
      *  Expand  *
    3.   [image: Martin Bochnig] *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig*

   Thanks for joining. I'm absolutely open to fully open multidistro


   1. *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig* <https://twitter.com/MartinBochnig>
   22h <https://twitter.com/MartinBochnig/status/341729477937725440>

   @*proud_ceh* <https://twitter.com/proud_ceh> I gave him root-access and
   he can write it much better than myself. So I'm in the process of
   explaining him the reasons why
       * View conversation *
    2.   [image: Martin Bochnig] *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig*

   @*proud_ceh* <https://twitter.com/proud_ceh> Ken May (loyal all-time
   contributor) has prepared a RELEASE NOTES document for us. It describes the
   current limits and bugs.
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    3.   [image: Martin Bochnig] *Martin Bochnig* @*MartinBochnig*

   @*proud_ceh* <https://twitter.com/proud_ceh> Thank you dear followers,
   fellows, friends. I *want* you all 2have this distro, of course incl. the
   src. We need to modernize it!

I'm also in talks with DilOS.org's Igor.

My idea was to use his gate (which is based on Illumos). Because then we
OpenSXCE'ians would no longer be required to say "we use llumos". Instead
we could say "We are based on DilOS OS/Net".

TODAY will be remembered as a turning point in Illumos' versus
overall-OpenSolaris history.

It is now perfectly clear to everybody, that your entire community
propaganda was just marketing lies.

DONATIONS: I can give you a whole list of individuals that have asked me
for my bank account#, IBAN and so on. That have written me MESSAGES OF
THANKS privately.

And although I have no money:***** I REFUSED TO ACCEPT THESE DONATIONS
(from poor people) *****

It is some moral quality, that imperialists will probably never ever grasp.

I do not take money from the poor. I want it from those that *should* pay
it. Or in this case: HAVE PAID it. Because our relationship is over, and it
relieves me.

As to the other things you said: I still have the $$$ from my 2nd Ultra45
that I sold last week.
700 EUR (1000$ or something) are not very much for an attorney. Fortunately
I have a friends in many countries, including the U.S. And one of them has
a wife, that is attorney (her special area is the web).

I thank you, that you uncovered your true standpoint.
BTW, Before I deleted my twitter account, the number of followers just
jumped from 70 to 89 on @martinbochnig and from 0 to 36 on @opensxce. And
most of them were  best known longterm community engineers, incl. Moinak
Ghosh, Andrew Stormont, Al Hopper, Alan Coopersmith, Alexander Eremin,
Joerg Schilling (nice what kind of garbage you write about him!, just today
you have proven he was right when he warned me c oncerning Illumos), Anil
Gulecha, Nexenta and so on and so on. I wanted to rescue the OpenSolaris
community in a inter-distro-unity effort.
And I still want.

Honestly, had YOU worked that much, and then FOR FREE, day in day out
(often up to 20hrs per day), I bet you had either given up way way back, or
you would have gone crazy over the workload. I find few words for what I
just experienced today. SHAME ON YOU, Garrett!

Really last but not least, especially for you:

Here is my vita:

Maths studies at Technical University Berlin still unfinished (although
continuing). Reason: OPenSolaris.
I hold several Sun certifications:

SCSA 8, 9
SCNA 8, 9
and SCSecA 9.

Everything else I ever did was Blastwave, Qemu port to Solaris, Xorg port
to SPARC-Solaris and I built my first distro in April 2006, it is all
documented, for example in the OpenSolaris Bible:

And I held a session at OSDEVCON 2007:


I was OpenSolaris Core Contributor in the CAB (Community advisory board)
for MartUX. Also in the X11 group for the FOX (FullyOpenX) sparc and also
x86 work.

I also ported the aperture driver (predecessor to xsvc) to amd64 in spring
2006. In summer of 2006 I created the FIRST EVER non-sun (SXCE) distro, to
support Xorg in amd64 64bit kernel mode.

Everything is in the archives.

Garrett, I wish you, you personally one day meet yourself in your life.
To the OpenSXCE community: BIG BIG THANKS.
Show will continue as planned, just without the Illumos logos.
Src will follow, as licenses require.

Do you know the CDDL and the X11 MIT licenses, btw   ?
We OpenSXCE'ians can publish or not publish the src, at will.


%martin bochnig


> Were I in his shoes, I'd probably have long since given up on the
> fruitlessness of this effort, and sought out something that would pay the
> bills.  Getting upset because folks won't pay for something they don't need
> and don't use, is not normal rational thinking.  Put another way, I think
> its time for Martin to find a regular job.  Perhaps one that is
> disconnected from illumos or Solaris, so that he can approach the job with
> a bit of emotional detachment.
> >
> > I would like to see you supported in your work, but I'm a lowly software
> engineer in UK with 3 kids, and no pay rise for > 3 years ... so the only
> way I could contribute would be to put myself in further debt, and no
> matter how good the product is, if I don't have to pay for it, I won't be
> paying.
> Actually, that's generally the problem.  Most (all?) of his work has
> little commercial value to the current primary commercial contributors to
> illumos.  So as much as we'd like to be able to support efforts like his,
> it makes no financial sense for a business to pay for this.  And
> ultimately, businesses are about business.  And business are answerable to
> their shareholders.  Even as a founder in a business, I am not at liberty
> to spend money that I cannot justify commercially -- my investors would
> fire me, or sue me, or both, if I tried that.
> Personally, I've not yet tried out his distro -- I'm not a big fan of SVR4
> either, but I'm probably less a fan of the implementation of IPS.  I may
> take a look -- if I find it something useful, then I'll send some money his
> way personally, by way of thank-you.  But as an individual, it won't be
> enough to stave off his financial problems.   I strongly doubt there are
> enough of us to make this viable to Martin unless he can figure out some
> way to properly commercialize it.
> >
> > As for making the source available or not, would you not be in breach of
> the license terms to withhold it?
> That depends on what he's done.  Certainly distribution of the binaries
> that are derived from open source would require conformance to the open
> source licenses.  However, if for example, he's written a new installer
> without using any other 3rd party open source, then he's free to do with
> that what he wants.
> That said, its unlikely that failing to meet open source obligations is
> going to draw any negative response -- its not like Martin is a big target
> for a lawsuit -- by his own words he has nothing to lose, and nobody is
> losing customers to him.  That said, not meeting open source obligations is
> also not supportive of any positive growth that he might hope to achieve,
> and only serves to further distance himself from the community.
>         - Garrett
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