[oi-dev] Vanilla illumos-gate in OI hipster repo

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Sat Jun 29 08:37:24 UTC 2013

On 06/20/13 01:10 AM, Andrzej Szeszo wrote:
> Hi All
> I have configured Jenkins job which is continuously building and
> publishing vanilla illumos-gate packages to the /hipster repo.
> Jenkins is actually rebuilding this component:
> https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland/tree/oi/hipster/components/illumos/illumos-gate
> The big change is that illumos-gate is being built with patched gcc
> 4.4.4. Previous packages were built using Studio.
Hi :)
Where do we post bugs about this updated illumos-gate? Or where to post
bug for Hipster itself?
Does bug reports for Hipster need to be separate from Openindiana /dev
(that a8 Hipster will be)

I have virtualbox zoneaccess service fails to load after version
illumos-861bfc8. That is the last one that works for zoneaccess starting
in OI-Hipster with Virtualbox 4.2.14r86644 .
Does this coincide with switching to GCC or is unrelated?

Can we have updated kernel (illumos-gate) and the rest of the system
updated separately so packages and illumos-gate could be tested
independently, or it is better to have them mall updated and live as one
big updating family?
Is there some testing procedures for illumos-gate before pushing it up
to Hipster and prior releasing it to /dev ?

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