[oi-dev] illumos-gcc and mpc/mpfr/gmp

Aurélien Larcher aurelien.larcher at gmail.com
Tue Jan 24 17:57:06 UTC 2017

I am packaging GNU UPC right now for work and it requires mpc/mpfr/gmp.
The issue at hand is that while we have packages for them, they are quite
old and used by illumos-gcc.
For each flavour of GCC in oi-userland we download and rebuild these
libraries locally.

- Should I compile locally these 3 libraries for GNU UPC?
- Should illumos-gcc use its own version of these libraries?
- Should we update our antiquated versions in oi-userland?

helios> pkg search -r mpc
INDEX                       ACTION VALUE                       PACKAGE
pkg.fmri                    set    openindiana.org/library/mpc
pkg:/library/mpc at 1.0.1-2016.0.0.0
helios> pkg search -r mpfr
INDEX                       ACTION VALUE                        PACKAGE
pkg.fmri                    set    openindiana.org/library/mpfr
pkg:/library/mpfr at 3.1.2-2016.0.0.0
helios> pkg search -r gmp
INDEX      ACTION VALUE                       PACKAGE
pkg.fmri   set    openindiana.org/library/gmp
pkg:/library/gmp at 5.0.5-2016.0.1.0

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