[oi-dev] What's wrong with Pale Moon?

Hung Nguyen Gia gh_origin at zohomail.com
Sat Jan 9 15:28:56 UTC 2021

Well. Have read the whole discussion. Too bad, Pale Moon is the only way to watch 4K quality videos on youtube on OI. Our outdated Firefox can't deal with this.

If you rejected Pale Moon then please help me with the porting of the Epiphany Browser. You could see my mail about this on this list. I'm currently stuck at libdazzle.

Epiphany can't deal with youtube, too. But at least it has no problem loading github's modern interface. Our Firefox just showed it age, it works very badly with github's modern interface.

BTW, I think I will contact athenian200 to get his binary build. I will continue using Pale Moon to be able to watch 4K videos on youtube on OI, regardless of it's accepted to be packaged by the OI team or not.

---- On Sat, 09 Jan 2021 19:19:09 +0700 Volker A. Brandt <vab at bb-c.de> wrote ----

 > Hung Nguyen Gia via oi-dev writes: 
 > > Our Firefox is way too outdated. Pale Moon is the only browser working well on OI. I came across a page on their site but can't find it again, it basically stated that the packaging of Pale Moon on OI was resisted by OI developers. So what's wrong with Pale Moon? 
 > > 
 > > I know their branding issue. But we could easily overcome it by not build with their official branding, our browser will be named New Moon and everything is fine. Please let me know more about your decision. Thanks. 
 > There was a long discussion on this mailing list in December 2019. 
 > Please check the list archives for details. 
 > Basically, the Pale Moon developers insist that one use private copies 
 > of a large number of libraries.  If the system version of these libs are 
 > used instead, the Pale Moon devs consider that a license violation. 
 > Also, they came across as arrogant and high-handed, which was not well- 
 > received in the OI community. 
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