[oi-dev] What's wrong with Pale Moon?

Hung Nguyen Gia gh_origin at zohomail.com
Sat Jan 9 17:48:31 UTC 2021

If I can I already done. I know I'm just a little man I can't deal with monster like Firefox.

My requirements are low. A browser could load non videos site fine is enough for me.

So I decided to continue with Epiphany.

BTW, it's the GNOME project's official browser. Being backed by GNOME, it's not a fringe browser IMHO.

Epiphany has no problems loading JavaScript heavy site like Facebook. Pale Moon does, though.

---- On Sat, 09 Jan 2021 22:54:17 +0700 Volker A. Brandt <vab at bb-c.de> wrote ----

 > Hung Nguyen Gia writes: 
 > > Well. Have read the whole discussion. Too bad, Pale Moon is the only way to 
 > > watch 4K quality videos on youtube on OI. Our outdated Firefox can't deal 
 > > with this. 
 > Then your efforts would be well-spent on helpinh to build a newer Fire- 
 > fox release, which several people are already working on IIRC.  Further 
 > dividing effort on fringe browsers is not the best strategy IMHO. 
 > However, don't let that deter you.  Your time is your own, and any and 
 > all interest in OpenIndiana is welcome. 
 > Regards -- Volker 
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