[oi-dev] What's wrong with Pale Moon?

Joshua M. Clulow josh at sysmgr.org
Sat Jan 9 18:40:06 UTC 2021

On Sat, 9 Jan 2021 at 04:19, Volker A. Brandt <vab at bb-c.de> wrote:
> Hung Nguyen Gia via oi-dev writes:
> > I know their branding issue. But we could easily overcome it by not build with their official branding, our browser will be named New Moon and everything is fine. Please let me know more about your decision. Thanks.
> There was a long discussion on this mailing list in December 2019.
> Please check the list archives for details.
> Basically, the Pale Moon developers insist that one use private copies
> of a large number of libraries.  If the system version of these libs are
> used instead, the Pale Moon devs consider that a license violation.

It may be a violation of the right-to-use licence for the "Pale Moon"
trademark, but that is as far as I know not a restriction that you can
really have with MPLv2.0 code.  If you ship the browser without the
trademarked materials such as the name and logo, I don't believe you
have violated the copyright licence they advertise on their code --
even if it's not the way they would prefer you to ship the software.


Joshua M. Clulow

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