[oi-dev] What's wrong with Pale Moon?

Chris oidev at bsdos.info
Sat Jan 9 21:03:25 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-09 04:19, vab at bb-c.de wrote:
> Hung Nguyen Gia via oi-dev writes:
>> Our Firefox is way too outdated. Pale Moon is the only browser working well 
>> on OI. I came across a page on their site but can't find it again, it 
>> basically stated that the packaging of Pale Moon on OI was resisted by OI 
>> developers. So what's wrong with Pale Moon?
>> I know their branding issue. But we could easily overcome it by not build 
>> with their official branding, our browser will be named New Moon and 
>> everything is fine. Please let me know more about your decision. Thanks.
> There was a long discussion on this mailing list in December 2019.
> Please check the list archives for details.
> Basically, the Pale Moon developers insist that one use private copies
> of a large number of libraries.  If the system version of these libs are
> used instead, the Pale Moon devs consider that a license violation.
> Also, they came across as arrogant and high-handed, which was not well-
> received in the OI community.
I can also say that the same was perceived by those (of which I'm one)
attempting to make it available on FreeBSD.
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