[oi-dev] Plan for openssl update

Chris oidev at bsdos.info
Thu Jan 14 22:24:13 UTC 2021

On 2021-01-14 14:09, Bob Friesenhahn wrote:
> On Thu, 14 Jan 2021, Chris wrote:
>>> However do you see any package that we could happily deprecate in the
>>> process? ;)
>> I'm not sure what IO's policy is. But, given python2x went EOL upstream.
>> You could eliminate python/python27 from the list. Which, given all the
>> packages that _depend_ on it, would make the list even smaller. ;-)
> Regardless of Python 2x going EOL upstream, there is a remarkable amount of 
> Python
> 2 code continuing to be used in the world.
> People did not necessarily rush to convert their software so that it would 
> work
> with Python 3 even if they had heard repeated mentions that they should do 
> so.
> In somecases the port forward to Python 3 is easy and in other cases it is a 
> nightmare.
> The '2to3' helper tool only goes so far.  Problems often remain and can only 
> be
> discovered by exercising every code path.
> OpenIndiana should not be the first to remove Python 2x entirely.
LOL. Trust me. I'm *well* familiar with the "challenges" involved porting 
A real PITA. But was forced to do so with all the ports I maintain w/FBSD. 
dropped the last nail in the Python2 coffin 12-31-20202. :-(
TBH I'm more the type; if it ain't broke. Don't fix it. But not everyone 
shares my
policy. ;-)
So. Just in case you thought otherwise. I am in no way lobbying for the 
of Python2. I (with tongue-in-cheek) suggested it, because it would have 
been the shortest route to a smaller list. :-)

All the best.

> Bob


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