[oi-dev] Tasks to focus on

Stephan Althaus Stephan.Althaus at Duedinghausen.eu
Wed Jan 27 20:21:11 UTC 2021

On 01/27/21 19:56, stes at PANDORA.BE wrote:
> ----- Op 27 jan 2021 om 15:55 schreef Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de:
>>> Packaging TeXLive needs some scripting to split tex packages by groups,
>>> otherwise you get a >= 1.5GB blob to install at once.
> 1.5GB sound way too big but it is indeed also the size that is reported in
> http://tug.org/texlive/distro.html for Slackware and Debian.
> Slackware t series texlive 2020 is only 76 MB.
>>> I think the Debian Sciences team had developed such scripts to maintain their
>>> packages.
> Presumably the Slackware small size is also the result of a lot packaging work.
>> True!  I do have my own script for Solaris, that does exactly the same
>> thing.  This is the result:
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/[email protected],5.11:20150514T171548Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T222435Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T170151Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T170242Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150528T071726Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T170337Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T170427Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T210914Z
>>   pkg://bb-c/bbc/application/texlive/[email protected],5.11:20150514T213612Z
> Disadvantage is that this a large set of packages.
> To keep it simple maybe OI could only provide just 1 simple,
> small texlive package, of about 75 MB like Slackware does.
> Also question is whether FMRI would be application/texlive
> or whether to put TeX in its own folder like tex/texlive.
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I have installed the tex packages from pkgsrc. These are many, most are 
fonts (e.g. asian) and addons  if i get it right..

if i query pkgin, i get a total number of 853 packages relating in some 
way to tex.


i believe that i don't need them all btw :-D


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