[OpenIndiana-discuss] I figured this deserved a separate thread

Guido Berhoerster gber at openindiana.org
Thu Nov 4 14:33:19 UTC 2010

* Jonathan Adams <t12nslookup at gmail.com> [2010-11-04 15:11]:
> not that my $0.02 is worth much, but Illumos and OpenIndiana, although
> connected are separate entities.
> If you compare this to Linux, Illumos is the kernel and OpenIndiana is
> a distribution.
> Additionally, OpenIndiana was set up to be a server distribution with
> emphasis on apps needed to get the server running ... that is why it
> was set up.
> We'd need to look into creating a Desktop/Laptop Solaris Distro to
> have all the usability tweaks and wifi/bluetooth changes where they
> belong.  At that point only will it really be worthwhile having this
> conversation.

No, OpenIndiana both targets Desktops and Server, it is just
that OpenSolaris somewhat neglected the latter and OpenIndiana
aims to correct that.
It is planned to improve the user experience and package
additional software and this might e.g.  also lead to the
availability of additional desktop environments such as XFCE or
KDE. In the end OI will hoepfully be more attractive to both
Server and Desktop use that OpenSolaris ever was.

> For the Distribution (OpenIndiana) I would suggest trying to follow
> the example of Ubuntu in having a regular build and maybe a LTS every
> 18 months to 2 years (in a similar way to Solaris10 update N)

It is planned to both provide regular development snapshots and
to branch off free and supported stable versions in regular

Guido Berhoerster

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