[OpenIndiana-discuss] Building Ekiga/OPAL with H264/H263 support

Hillel Lubman shtetldik at gmail.com
Fri Nov 26 04:12:01 UTC 2010

On 25/11/10 22:48, Chdslv wrote:
> "Could not operate on /var/pkg/lock
> because of insufficient permissions. Please try the command again using
> pfexec
> or otherwise increase your privileges."
> How do you go from here, I don't know.
try to run for example: *pfexec pkg install <something>*
This will run pkg with increased privileges..
> When installed, OpenIndiana only saw MS Windows in the choose panel, (well,
> I don't know ho wit is called), but doesn't see its partition when
> Openindiana is opened.
> I had to get back to Linux, so I had to re-install Mint, but after
> installing, Mint doesn't see th eOpenindiana partition, nor it is there in
> the choose panel or GRUB panel. I still have the DVD with OpenIndiana, and
> there is that installed partition in the hard disk.
> I would like have OpenIndiana together with Linux and also MS windows
> (hmmm...I need windows for certain programs, which doesn't ever work with
> Linux. Don't know, whether these would work with OpenIndiana)
> If you could help, I'd appreciate that very much!

Linux by default can't recognize ZFS filesystem. If you want to create a 
multiboot environment - you probably should better install each OS on 
different hard drive. They aren't that expensive now. It's less messy 
and easier to make it working straight.



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