[OpenIndiana-discuss] Kernel panic after upgrading to OpenIndiana

Thorsten Heit thorsten.heit at vkb.de
Wed Sep 29 14:14:00 UTC 2010


> Sorry you are having trouble.  Just a couple probing questions to open 
> everyones mind.  Before I forget, make sure you have burned a OS b134 
> cd and a OI b147 live dvd before you do anything.
> The first thing I would try is booting into your b134 BE.  Then export 
> the pools besides rpool.
> zpool export tank
> zpool export dataen
> Then try the OI b147 boot environment again.  Does it boot now??

I actually even reinstalled OI, but that didn't change anything.
There's only a slight difference in the message after the "NOTICE:" line:

"Cannot mount root on rpool/95 fstype zfs"

(instead of ...rpool/101...)
(btw: does this make any difference?)

> Or another kernel panic upon OI b147 boot with data pools exported? 
> the rpool version is too old for OI b147 to work with??

Again: No.
The whole machine was recently reinstalled with OSOL b134 after I switched 
from hardware RAID support to ZFS-based software RAID on the boot discs, 
i.e. ZFS is version 4 and zpool version 22.

Do you have any other idea?



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