[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI boot problem

Volker A. Brandt vab at bb-c.de
Mon Mar 28 11:12:33 UTC 2011

Hello Nikola!

> Well, I agree that remembering
> shutdown -g 0 -y -i 5 for shutdown machine is not that hard.
> BUT that is the question I was asked from newcomers a year ago
> (Obviously you know where newcomers are coming from.. from Linux and
> very few quite new ones) and I did not told them because I also did not
> know. (I told him pfexec halt and he was angry at me and whole
> distribution for not doing full shutdown).
> I figured that out by being stubborn and looking at man pages, and that
> is what 99 percent of eventual newcomers will not do.

While you may be right here, I fail to see the problem.  The command
"init 6" is not so hard to find, especially when someone comes over
from Linux.

> If I told them that shutdown command needs 3 switches or looking at man
> pages and remembering of them, then I would be laughed at.

But shutdown does not need three switches.  Here are the defaults as
defined in shutdown (it is a shell script):


So without switches, it would also work.  You'd just have to wait
60 seconds longer, you'd have to type "y" in response to a prompt,
and you would end up in single user mode.

> I think everyone is thinking that old behavior should working as
> expected. Just There is need for a command, like /halt/ or other named
> that definitely shutdowns machine with one command.

Really?  Maybe the default "s" could be changed to "6".  But other
than that, I don't see a need for another command, in addition to
"shutdown" and "init" and "halt/reboot" and "uadmin". :-)

Regards -- Volker
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