[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI boot problem

Nikola M. minikola at gmail.com
Mon Mar 28 13:25:26 UTC 2011

On 03/28/11 01:12 PM, Volker A. Brandt wrote:
> Hello Nikola!
Hi! Thank you for your response.
>> I figured that out by being stubborn and looking at man pages, and that
>> is what 99 percent of eventual newcomers will not do.
> While you may be right here, I fail to see the problem.  The command
> "init 6" is not so hard to find, especially when someone comes over
> from Linux.
I think that init X is mostly not connected in mind of newcomers with
shutting down machine. (At least I am pretty much scared to use it,
myself) ;)
>> If I told them that shutdown command needs 3 switches or looking at man
>> pages and remembering of them, then I would be laughed at.
> But shutdown does not need three switches.  Here are the defaults as
> defined in shutdown (it is a shell script):
>   grace=60
>   askconfirmation=yes
>   initstate=s
> So without switches, it would also work.  You'd just have to wait
> 60 seconds longer, you'd have to type "y" in response to a prompt,
> and you would end up in single user mode.
Maybe newcomers would expect to end up actually doing shutdown.
It is not problem for us who know it.
Thing is how to make new ones them to stay.
>> I think everyone is thinking that old behavior should working as
>> expected. Just There is need for a command, like /halt/ or other named
>> that definitely shutdowns machine with one command.
> Really?  Maybe the default "s" could be changed to "6".  But other
> than that, I don't see a need for another command, in addition to
> "shutdown" and "init" and "halt/reboot" and "uadmin". :-)
Yes something like that, changing something that would make easier for
new users to actually shut it down. Like, halt is shutdown that actually
do power off the hardware.
Thank you for your thougths.

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