[OpenIndiana-discuss] reboot/shutdown commands (Was: Re: OI boot problem)

Kevin J. Woolley kjw at javabunny.net
Mon Mar 28 17:35:15 UTC 2011

On 28 March 2011 10:30, Didier Carlier <didier at lafalise.org> wrote:

> shutdown -r is ok, it used to be there in SunOS 4 (bsd based at the time) and -r is not used currently.
> For reboot, I really does not understand why the subject is so hot...
> init 6 is juste as short and reboot on Solaris has other options which are not there on Linux. And it does what it says.
> Anyway, if someone switches from Linux to OpenIndiana there are so many other, more important things to learn that this debate looks really displaced (very personal opinion of course).

Agreed -- as far as I can tell, no one has suggested actually changing
the existing shutdown/reboot.  The proposal was to put alternate
versions in /usr/gnu/bin.

I have fond memories of SunOS 4, and was so excited when I got my
hands on Solaris 2.5.  I didn't think it'd get to version 11 so
quickly.  :)  Nor did I think Sun would fade away as it has.
Interesting times!



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