[OpenIndiana-discuss] Help with website

LinuxBSDos.com finid at linuxbsdos.com
Sun Oct 9 11:05:52 UTC 2011

> On Sat, Oct 08, 2011 at 05:20:21PM -0600, LinuxBSDos.com wrote:
>> So if you are still open to helping, that makes two persons who are
>> ready
>> to help with a forum-type setting.
> Hey guys, can you hop onto IRC (#oi-dev on Freenode)?  We can discuss the
> details there.  Everyone agrees that OI's web presense is a bit...lacking.
> You seem motivated to do something about it, and I think that's great.
> We need to figure out what such a forum requires and then we can set you
> up
> with the resources you need.

Ok, just set up a demo at http://linuxbsdos.com/askopenindiana/

It's just to let everybody experience what it could look like. Play around
with it and post your feedback. It might not be a bad idea to post your
feedback on the site itself.

Note: The backend is a joy to administer (administrate). Better than that
of any other forum app. I've ever used.

Fini D.

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