[OpenIndiana-discuss] Automatic reboots

Michelle Knight michelle at msknight.com
Fri Oct 12 16:34:16 UTC 2012

On Fri, 12 Oct 2012 13:55:28 +0400
Jim Klimov <jim at cos.ru> wrote:

> 2012-10-12 9:43, Michelle Knight пишет:
> > A live installation of Ubuntu has been up for 8 hours so I'll leave
> > it a while longer to see if it remains stable. If it does then that
> > will lessen the likelihood that it is the processor.
> You can also hammer the system with memtest (see in syslinux
> based boot managers - they often come together; likely available
> from your Ubuntu distro disk) and with some compute-intensive
> benchmarks like SuperPI and things like that - which basically
> measure how long your computer survives until overheating halt
> (usually testing the overclocked setups). By chance, are you
> overclocked? ;)
> HTH,
> //Jim

Thanks for the tips.

I had already put the machine through a memtest and it came though no
problems. It isn't overlocked; the machine reboots even when idle;
nothing running other than standard stuff.

I'm not using any encryption or compression.

The Ubuntu live has been running for nearly 24 hours and that hasn't

I did hit a problem which was that I had to turn off Legacy USB support
in order to use OI, but I can't use the keyboard to select a snapshot
to boot from without legacy USB enabled.

No one has offered a possible explanation as to why the root crontab
was overwritten with that one statement, so I'm starting to conclude
that the OS updates could be a factor.

I've got the latest OI for USB stick so I'm going to use that to mount
the ZFS data set and get the data off.  If it remains stable through
that process then I'll be certain that the OS build has problems.

I'll keep you informed.


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