[OpenIndiana-discuss] stty source code

James Carlson carlsonj at workingcode.com
Wed Sep 5 12:52:48 UTC 2012

Reginald Beardsley wrote:
> I've cloned the repository but find that the Makefile is expecting state to be set in the shell.  Where would I find details on what I need to have set to compile just the things in 
> usr/src/cmd/ttymon
> Is that possible?

Look for the "bldenv" and "ws" scripts, part of the ON build tools in
usr/src/tools.  A good starting point might be:


>  I'm really not eager to take on building everything as my OI box is a
dual core Atom.

Building just a portion of the tree can be a little tricky.  In general,
you have to do a "make install" in usr/src/head to make sure that you
have a proto area with the right header files.  You might then be able
to build in usr/src/cmd/ttymon, but it's very likely that you'll have to
build some of the libraries on which it depends first.

The ON build was never designed to allow builds of individual parts of
the tree, except after building everything.

An interesting (and possibly useful) project would be to break up the
usr/src/cmd and usr/src/lib trees into separate projects, so that each
can be built separately.  Doing so, though, likely requires a lot of
careful planning so that flag-day changes are still reasonably doable.

If you have a really slow target machine, it might be an interesting
idea to work on a cross-compilation environment on a faster one.  I'm
not sure, though, how hard that'd be.

Why are you hacking at stty ... ?

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