[OpenIndiana-discuss] isc-dhcp client

Gary Gendel gary at genashor.com
Thu Sep 6 14:06:15 UTC 2012

Whoops! Make that "I was wondering if I should include the client".

On 9/6/12 9:58 AM, Gary Gendel wrote:
> Au contraire mon frere. :)
> I packaged the server up and I'm waiting for the thumbs up to push it 
> into the main branch.  I was wondering if I should include the server.
> As for the client on Solaris, my interpretation of the text tells me 
> that it may work but since it exists on Solaris they don't include the 
> client.  This is why I asked if anyone had attempted it or knew why it 
> wouldn't work.  I'd have to dig into the dhcp client code to see what 
> would it take to make it compatible.  I might be enticed to do this if 
> others have a similar need.  The alternative is to implement prefix 
> delegation in the existing client which I've already been told would 
> be difficult.
> Gary
> On 9/6/12 9:42 AM, Gary Mills wrote:
>> It likely hasn't been packaged yet.
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