[OpenIndiana-discuss] 4k zpool version no longer available?

Jaco Schoonen jaco at macuser.nl
Tue Sep 25 19:56:59 UTC 2012

>>> Will try tomorrow after a reboot, can't do a reboot right now.
>> Reboot doesn't change anything. zpool is still created with ashift=9
>> So either the usage of sd.conf is not in 151_a5, or the VID/PID are different from what you suggested above.
>> How can I find or read out the VID/PID that the drive is reporting?
> The format command will show VID/PID.

Thanks, that did the trick!

For the archives, my format command output was:
  	4. c4d0 <ST3000DM-         Z1F0NW1-0001-2.73TB>
          /pci at 0,0/pci-ide at 14,1/ide at 0/cmdk at 0,0
       5. c4d1 <ST3000DM-         Z1F0LA0-0001-2.73TB>
          /pci at 0,0/pci-ide at 14,1/ide at 0/cmdk at 1,0
       6. c5t0d0 <ST3000DM-001-9YN166-CC4H-2.73TB>
          /pci at 0,0/pci103c,1609 at 12,2/storage at 1/disk at 0,0

Adding this to /kernel/drv/sd.conf:
sd-config-list = "ST3000DM","physical-block-size:4096";

and doing a full reboot (thanks to Jim for the -p hint)

Then zpool created a zpool with ashift=12

> Did you check the boot messages in /var/adm/messages for clues?
Confusingly it reported Vendor "Gen-ATA" in /var/adm/messages:
[ID 243001 kern.info] Disk1:        <Vendor 'Gen-ATA ' Product 'ST3000DM001-9YN1'>
but using "Gen-ATA" in sd.conf did not work.

> Though not suitable for the casual admin, you can see the sd driver's assigned 
> values by looking at the values with mdb:
> 	echo ::sd_state | mdb -k
> and look for un_phy_blocksize

That confirmed that the ST3000DM001 is lying about it's physical block size (0x200 -> 512 bytes).

Thanks again!


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