[OpenIndiana-discuss] Laptop locking up, possibly on rge device - rings a bell to anyone?

Jim Klimov jimklimov at cos.ru
Wed Sep 26 09:40:57 UTC 2012

Hello all,

   While working with my ThinkPad E335 laptop running oi_151a5
yesterday with the wired LAN (Realtek gigabit RGE) plugged in,
I noticed that at very regular intervals (20 minutes exactly,
according to dmesg) the system locked up and ceased to respond
to keyboard/mouse under X11 GUI. I believe the networking also
went down, but was not in position to confirm that definitely.

   I found that it can remain locked indefinitely (at least for
2-3 minutes), but resumes working within 10 sec after I unplug
the LAN cable and "remembers" all the keypresses and mouse jerks.

   Then I found that the CIFS client also locked it up while
trying to download files from a neighboring Windows laptop
(after 64-512Kb of transferred data), however it had no problem
browsing to the share seconds before that.

   Perhaps it has to do with some packet sizing which gets hit
during bulk file transfers, and the regularity of such lockups
without my active intervention suggests that some service may
try to use the network every 20 minutes and causes the effect.

   I do remember that on the first days when I was working with
this installation, it was wired for hours and downloaded many
gigabytes with no hiccups.

   Now, I did not use the LAN for a month and many things could
have happened to the OS during the time, including installation
of VirtualBox with its network driver filters; however unloading
these modules did not help. I also updated the TUN/TAP driver
to 1.3.0, but modunloading it now did not help either. I don't
think I updated the OS more substantially during that time,
except for my experiments building AHCI module (HDD is still
in IDE mode for stable work) and patching up some SMF service

   Ultimately, after about one hour of such intermittent work
with no actual usage on my behalf, the LAN interface went down
and did not come back up until a full reboot (I did not try
fastboot though). I have no idea if this will be reproducible :)

   Does any of this adventure ring a bell to anyone on the list?

   NWAM is off, networking setup is static, ipfilter is off
(no rules initially, and I also temp-disabled the service
while debugging the condition). Nothing in dmesg, except that
the rge0 link was going down and up when I plugged it back and

Thanks for any suggestions,
//Jim Klimov

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