[OpenIndiana-discuss] Dell PowerEdge R320 with Perc H710 install problems

ken mays maybird1776 at yahoo.com
Wed Sep 26 19:04:38 UTC 2012

Hi Roel,

Check permissions and proper installment of the modules from the bge package. Once you get that fixed, check DDT again
and it should be configured correctly.

Main files of concern: 
1.'group=sys mode=0755 owner=root path=kernel/drv/amd64/bge'
2.'group=sys mode=0644 owner=root path=kernel/drv/bge.conf'

Recheck for proper driver initialization and setup.

The other hardware, outside of the RAID controller, are other small issues as mentioned.

~ Ken Mays

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Subject: [OpenIndiana-discuss] Dell PowerEdge R320 with Perc H710 install problems
I finally got some screenshots of the installprocess on the R320. 

It is not only the RAID controller that gives problems, there is more..

The Broadcom networkcards aren't recognized and I tried to install the new
Solaris drivers from the Broadcom website. 

Main problem with this is that there are several drivers for different
solaris versions. Only the BRCMbge-Solaris_11-i386-15.2.2-dbg package would

I also attach the printout of the installprocess for the BRCMbge package. It
will not install unless i de-install the existing bge driver. With the
original OI bge driver the nic's aren't recognized. 

As you can see in the screenshot a lot of hardware is not recognized and I
can't install OI in any form. So this is bumpy road to maybe nowhere.

If anyone can help or has tips I appreciate it! 

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