[OpenIndiana-discuss] use cases of Sun Studio-compiled C++ libraries on OI

Stefan Müller-Wilken stefan.mueller-wilken at acando.de
Fri Nov 28 13:00:02 UTC 2014

Hi Alexander,

while not exactly in your problem class, I have a similar case: compiling httpd  modules (e.g. mod_security in my case) using gcc will make httpd crash on startup. You either need Sun Studio or drop the packaged Apache and compile yourself. So this is another case where it would be beneficial/necessary to move on to using gcc instead of Sun Studio...


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I'd like to hear about people who now hardly depends on Sun Studio-compiled C++ libraries AND use OpenIndiana. Do you have software which can't be recompiled with GCC? Do you know commercial software which depend on the libraries?

I mean the following OI packages:

I'd like to drop them and replace by g++-compiled (incompatible) versions. Who will be affected?

If there are some specific libraries of interest, we can discuss ways to move them to alternative locations (e.g. /usr/CC/). If you need them, do you need just binaries (*.so* files) or actually compile software using these libraries and Sun Studio?

For example, we could just preserve the contents of these packages in some public place or deliver some renamed packages, if it's really needed. But I'd like to avoid the later option.

I don't speak about system/library/c++/sunpro, this one will be preserved.
Best regards,
Alexander Pyhalov,
system administrator of Southern Federal University IT department

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