[OpenIndiana-discuss] use cases of Sun Studio-compiled C++ libraries on OI

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Fri Nov 28 20:13:55 UTC 2014

In regard to: [OpenIndiana-discuss] use cases of Sun Studio-compiled C++...:

> Hello.
> I'd like to hear about people who now hardly depends on Sun Studio-compiled 
> C++ libraries AND use OpenIndiana.

I'm on 151a9 and have some locally compiled packages (mostly GNOME bits
that aren't part of the OS or that are old in the OS version) that were
compiled with Studio C++ and linked against the OS versions of a few
of those.

It is not a problem for me to rebuild, though, so don't let me stop you
from proceeding with your plans.

I do think it might be nice to provide the existing Studio-compiled
C++ libraries in some kind of a "compat" package, but I also understand
that there's a limited amount of time available and there are higher
priority tasks than keeping those libraries around for backward

On a tangentially related note, does anyone know of any tests that
compare the performance of generated code between Studio and gcc/g++?
I haven't seen one in years, so I would be interested to know how much
gcc has closed the performance gap with Studio?

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