[OpenIndiana-discuss] is this project still active

The Outsider openindiana at out-side.nl
Sat Oct 11 12:45:24 UTC 2014

I have no knowledge of programming. But i am willing to help on the 
website, testsystems, hosting or other needs. Unfortunality i have little 
to zero free time.

It would be nice if we could find students that have interest in developing OI.

But a roadmap would be nice for the above.

On 11 oktober 2014 13:38:00 Alexander Pyhalov <alp at rsu.ru> wrote:

> Mark Stephens писал 11.10.2014 00:22:
> > I am trying to decide if I should go with Omnios or OpenIndiana for my
> > storage needs. So I would like to ask is this project still under
> > active
> > development? I do not see much activity on the website or any other
> > medium
> > such a twitter.
> Hello.
> The project is still alive. Perhaps, it's not evident, looking at our
> site, but it is.
> If someone wants to update it, he is welcome.
> There are sufficient problems, as OI developer is a more and more
> extinct kind of beast.
> If you want just basic storage (i.e., fresh base and ~ Solaris 11 level
> of userland software
> (I mean, a bit outdated)), you can look at OI Hipster. We are trying to
> deliver at least most
> urgent security fixes. On other hand, illumos-gate provided packages is
> rebuilt every day,
> which may be not so convenient in server environment - pkg update will
> always want to update all
> base packages. You can try to stick to Hipster snapshots. We are going
> to prepare them
> once per several months. The current one is cooking now.
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