[OpenIndiana-discuss] [oi-dev] ANNOUNCE: gcc ported Firefox 37.0b3 now backported to snv_130 x86/x64, Should work on OI/Hipster/S11.[0-3]/S12 etc.

Martin Bochnig mb1x at gmx.com
Thu Mar 26 05:25:33 UTC 2015

Hi Nikola,

> Glad to see you back on the list Martin, you are welcome sharing your views.

thank you, I'm glad to hear that (although it may not be representative for this list).

> OI is in need of source contributors testing and maintaining.
> I am glad you are using CDDL for code contributions, as per release
> notes and I like your dedication to support SPARC.

90% of the work I did since 2013 was closely related to amd64 (x86/x64-only), rather than sparc.
But probably it will take 25 further years until somebody starts to figure this out.

> OI also supports SVR4 .pkg packages so this could be looked at as
> rehearsal of making external products to Openindiana/illumos, although
> there is also possibility of making IPS repository, accessible using
> certificates.

It would have been stupid, had Sun completely burnt all bridges of backwards compatibility.
But that was before you started using Solaris. You didn't live through those times of IPS "democracy" in 2007.

> I want to be able build FF and and other things too, by myself
> locally, so I can contribute in area I can. So having binary-only does
> not help in that.

How shall I understand this?
A) You don't want any bins
B) You want to contribute
C) In order to get into a position to contribute FF related work, rather than contributing and working on the src until it works, you expect _me_ to provide it in fully functional manner!??

Does that make sense?

> That said, without source, you can not be sure what is inside, like it
> was for chromium port we already had here.

How ridiulous is that very "argument", and why won't you stop repeating it time and again??

I) I have the src and I do know what's in. Either folks trust me or the refuse to.
II)Let's assume you had the src, it would be the very same. (Except that _you_ would be the one folks needed to be trusting.)
III) Let's imagine, I would openly publish the diffs plus explain in detail for weeks what folks have to do in order to get through the build procedure, somebody would upload bins resulting from that, it's still not clear if the resulting bins were generated from 100.00000% this exact src, or if big brother has secretly added some hidden functionality. Therefore it would still come down to the original scenario described in I), namely that all end-users (except for the few who built it by themselves _plus_ veryfied millions of lines of code by themselves, which is unlikely) needed to blindly trust the persons who generated bins and provided them.
There is also SeaMonkey port to OI that needs maintaining.
(I have it somewhere and I _think_ I have seen sources somewhere, let
me get back on this)

IV) I consider you a friend because you know a few things of what is happening outside (more than most others here).
But every time you argue in this way, I get newly disappointed.
Are folks too brainwashed or too unaware (to avoid having to say _too misinformed_), in order to comprehend how worthless and ridiculous all these "security concerns" are?? It's just a show to keep folks busy, feeling good and chatting.

Who and where is the enemy of privacy?
Let's ask google just 5 secs:

Your hard drives were RIDDLED with NSA SPYWARE for YEARS

On top of that EACH AND EVERY "officially approved" dsl-modem establishes a 2nd hidden connection to the NSA in the very moment you switch it on.
This was found out and documented by some engineers last year, I don't have a detailed link at hand right now.
Also have a look at this:

NSA Asked Linus Torvalds To Install Backdoors Into GNU ...

And let's continue:

Report: NSA paid RSA to make flawed crypto algorithm the default
The NSA apparently paid RSA $10M to use Dual EC random number generator.

What's your response to _that_?
Well, you encrypt some of your personal emails - but not even create the keys by yourself, but instead use a free public provider for that.
Because you trust them, right.

But you don't trust me?
Well, that's your choice.

You don't thank me that I made FF37 run on OI (instead of forcing folks to migrate to OpenSXCE if they want FF37)?
That's also your choice.
And I noticed that a majority of probably more than 99,98% of OI users subscribed to this list followed you in not thanking me for it (while they unfortunately did not follow you in sending me 10EUR).

> There are more people here wanting to build FF on this list and OI and
> I would like to collaborate on building FF/SM and chromium with them.
> I know there are patches available, that Oracle uses to contribute

What is your definition of "contributing"?????
Expecting me to provide them, while you publish them with big fanfare under your name and folks will congratulate you and send you whatever flowers or money (all the things they don't do, if I upload something, as I just witnessed - yet another time?

I took the hassle to compile FF37 down on snv_130 (after it already worked well on internal OpenSXCE2015.03) only to do OI users something friendly and nice.
And what's the reaction?? Gimme MOAR.

Well, it was a telling experience, and I learned from it.
Won't happen again, anytime soon.

Insteaed OpenSXCE finally gets it own mailing list this very weekend.
Who wants to join, will be invited.
Who doesn't, stays here - as simple as that.

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