[OpenIndiana-discuss] OI Hipster 2016.10 snapshot

Tim Mooney Tim.Mooney at ndsu.edu
Wed Nov 2 19:08:38 UTC 2016

In regard to: [OpenIndiana-discuss] OI Hipster 2016.10 snapshot, Alexander...:

> OI Hipster 2016.10 snapshot is ready.

> Release notes: http://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/2016.10+Release+notes

I was already running hipster (last updated about a month ago) so my
experience is with an update, not a fresh install.

The update went without any issues.  The only "problem" I've run into
with 2016.10 is that library/audio/gstreamer/plugin/{bad,ugly,ffmpeg}
haven't been updated in hipster-encumbered yet, so Rhythmbox isn't
terribly useful right now.  I assume those plugin packages will eventually
get a refresh.

After updating to 2016.10 and rebooting, I then installed MATE,
since I hadn't done that yet.  There was one warning from install:

DOWNLOAD                                PKGS         FILES    XFER (MB) SPEED
Completed                              67/67   29027/29027  199.4/199.4 699k/s

WARNING: menu.lst file /rpool/boot/menu.lst does not exist,
          generating a new menu.lst file

I assume that's because of the switch from grub to loader, and that it
can safely be ignored?  If so, should I update the release notes in the
wiki to mention that?

I like MATE a lot, and it's an easy transition from the old desktop.  I
used the graphical environment switcher on the login screen to go back to
the old environment a couple times, to figure out customizations I had
made to things like terminal profiles, keyboard layout, etc.

I also uninstalled openoffice and followed the directions in the release
notes to install libreoffice.  However, if I try launch any of the
components from the Applications menu, the splash loads but the
application does not start.

Here's what happens when I try run from the command line:

$ libreoffice4.4 
ld.so.1: soffice.bin: fatal: relocation error: file
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/libvcllo.so: symbol
_ZNSt8__detail15_List_node_base7_M_hookEPS0_: referenced symbol not found

I'm not finding too many web results that are close to this, but the
little info I have found leads me to believe this may be related to Java.
I'll do some additional digging and see if I can figure out what's causing

Overall, the 2016.10 upgrade and the addition of MATE are welcome

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