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Francis.D angetao at gmail.com
Wed Mar 7 17:49:57 UTC 2018


I did the real installation on my Lenovo T400 and all works perfectly.
The only problem is the sound. I don't have any sound. Even if the drivers
are installed.

result ocmmande

ls -l

total 224920
-rw-r--r-r---1 boo staff 1644 mars 7 12:58 audiosondriverproblem

Reference driver

Vendor:                             Intel Corporation
Device:                             82801I (ICH9 Family) HD Audio Controller
Sub-Vendor:                         Lenovo
binding name:                       pciexclass,0403
devfs path:                         /pci at 0,0/pci17aa,20f2 at 1b
bus addr:                           1b
pci path:                           0,1b,0
compatible name:
driver name:                        audiohd
instance:                           0
driver state:                       Attached
fm-errcb-capable:                   TRUE
fm-ereport-capable:                 TRUE
ddi-no-autodetach:                  1
audiohd_beep:                       1
sample-rate:                        bb80
sample-bits:                        10
acpi-namespace:                     _SB_.PCI0.HDEF
assigned-addresses:                 8300d810
reg:                                d800
compatible:                         pciex8086,293e.17aa.20f2.3
model:                              Mixed Mode device
power-consumption:                  1
devsel-speed:                       0
interrupts:                         2
subsystem-vendor-id:                17aa
subsystem-id:                       20f2
unit-address:                       1b
class-code:                         40300
revision-id:                        3
vendor-id:                          8086


2018-03-06 9:01 GMT-05:00 Priyadarshan via openindiana-discuss <
openindiana-discuss at openindiana.org>:

> On 2018-03-06 14:55, Till Wegmüller wrote:
>> Hi and welcome in the community
>> On 06.03.2018 14:48, Priyadarshan via openindiana-discuss wrote:
>>> Thank you very much for the clarification.
>>> I am coming from FreeBSD (since 2002, both on servers and workstations).
>>> I am just getting my feet wet with openindiana.
>>> I am studying Pro OpenSolaris, and getting to OpenSolaris Bible later,
>>> having my first install on a ThinkPad W541. I must say, I was impressed
>>> on how smooth and flawless the install was, in comparison to Win 10,
>>> FreeBSD 11 or even Linux Mint.
>>> From the overall feel of it I know this is home.
>>> I would like very much to contribute some packages, when (if ever)  I'll
>>> have enough expertise.
>> If you are studying the books you will definately have enough expertise.
>> The Packaging is made with Custom makefiles based on the current
>> solaris-gate.
>> You can find documentation here:
>> https://wiki.openindiana.org/oi/Building+with+oi-userland
>> The Source here: https://github.com/OpenIndiana/oi-userland
>> As I understand, then, it would be better to contribute to openindiana
>>> repositories, as found here:https://www.openindiana.org/packages/
>>> When the time will come, would I be able to "pester" people on this
>>> list, in regards to creating new packages? Or better the oi-dev list?
>> For packaging help you will definately get help on oi-dev. We also have
>> irc channels on freenode if you prefer that.
>> Greetings
>> Till
> Thank you for the pointers, and the welcome.
> Priyadarshan
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