[OpenIndiana-discuss] BTX halted

Priyadarshan oi at priyadarshan.com
Sat Mar 10 15:55:52 UTC 2018

An update (posted on Issue tracker as well):

I spent several hours yesterday and today, playing around with bios 
settings on both machines.

It seems there is no much hope with Asus X399 motherboard, even 
switching to bios-Legacy mode and disabling ACPI.

I had more success with the HP Z620 (late 2012 model).

By setting bios SATA to IDE compatibility mode, the OpenIndiana Live USB 
finally booted.

That system is running a Xeon E5 1650, with no builtin graphics, but it 
has an nvidia GeForce card.

After a few seconds, lightdm fails, and issue message "default failed: 
transitioned to maintenance". Then I am dropped in openindiana console 

Still, I finally got to boot!

But, there is another issue:

Unfortunately, when I booted the Live USB image, it forced the HP Z620 
worstation, which was fine booting FreeBSD via UEFI, to Bios-legacy 
mode, effectively botching the boot disk.

Mind you, I was not installing it. Just the mere running of the Live USB 
image changed the boot setup to legacy mode and leaving a boitched 
FreeBSD install.

Unfortunately, we do not have any non-UEFI machines here, so I will need 
to wait to play more with OI when UEFI install image will be available.

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