[OpenIndiana-discuss] More information on my HP Z400

Gary Mills gary_mills at fastmail.fm
Wed Mar 3 19:47:23 UTC 2021

This is the offending disk controller, as shown by scanpci -v:

    pci bus 0x0000 cardnum 0x1f function 0x02: vendor 0x8086 device 0x2822
     Intel Corporation SATA Controller [RAID mode]
     CardVendor 0x103c card 0x1309 (Hewlett-Packard Company, Card unknown)
      STATUS    0x02b0  COMMAND 0x0047
      CLASS     0x01 0x04 0x00  REVISION 0x00
      BIST      0x00  HEADER 0x00  LATENCY 0x00  CACHE 0x00
      BASE0     0x0000d100 SIZE 8  I/O
      BASE1     0x0000d110 SIZE 4  I/O
      BASE2     0x0000d108 SIZE 8  I/O
      BASE3     0x0000d114 SIZE 4  I/O
      BASE4     0x0000d0c0 SIZE 32  I/O
      BASE5     0xf6004000 SIZE 2048  MEM
      MAX_LAT   0x00  MIN_GNT 0x00  INT_PIN 0x02  INT_LINE 0x07

Here's part of the corresponding configuration, as shown by prtconf -v:

    value='pci8086,2822.103c.1309.0' + 'pci8086,2822.103c.1309'
    + 'pci103c,1309,s' + 'pci103c,1309' + 'pci8086,2822.0'
    + 'pci8086,2822,p' + 'pci8086,2822' + 'pciclass,010400'
    + 'pciclass,0104'

I see that the most specific value includes both sets of vendor and
device codes.  Not all HP Z400 computers will have this disk controller

The addition to /etc/driver_aliases that I made by add_drv long ago
is this line:

    ahci "pci8086,2822.103c.1309.0"

It probably can be less specific.

-Gary Mills-		-refurb-		-Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada-

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