[OpenIndiana-discuss] Fwd: [oi-dev] [call for testing] KPTI images

Priyadarshan oi at priyadarshan.com
Tue Mar 6 13:48:46 UTC 2018

On 2018-03-06 12:38, Aurelien Larcher wrote:
> Le Mardi 6 mars 2018, Priyadarshan via openindiana-discuss a écrit :
>> On 2018-03-06 09:04, Alexander Pyhalov wrote:
>> > On 03/06/18 08:57 AM, Francis.D wrote:
>> >> Hi,
>> >>
>> >> Download and install in Virtualbox. Installation process work
>> >> perfectly,
>> >> Installation gimp, filezilla, inkscape, Libreoffice52 work with a repo
>> >> sfe.   Installation developer/gcc - gcc-49 build/cmake- cmake/src work
>> >> but
>> >> when I tried to make a compilation of vlc 3.0.1 doesn't work. error
>> >> message
>> >> gcc
>> >>
>> >> Some basic software such as smplayer, vlc, clementine, yarock are
>> >> missing
>> >> in the repository.
>> >>
>> >> For multimedia, this is currently inadequate
>> >>
>> >> basic hardware motherboard asus m5n, AMD Phenom x2 550, 4 go ram, ati
>> >> 5450
>> >> video card,Sound card asus d1 (driver cmi8788) not found.
>> >>
>> >> In the next few days, I'll try an installation on pc.
>> >>
>> >> regard
>> >
>> > Hi.
>> > 1) Current testing is not related to multimedia, we want to know
>> > general user experience with new illumos-gate bits.
>> > 2) You can always use http://pkg.openindiana.org/hipster-encumbered/
>> > repository to get a basic set of multimedia packages (basically, vlc
>> > and gstreamer codecs).
>> > 3) If you find that some software is missing, nothing prvents you from
>> > adding it to oi-userland. There's always an issue - the more software
>> > we have, more power we need to support it. And with basic  team of 3-5
>> > men it's a big problem.
>> I am new to openindiana/illumos, and I was wondering the same. I
>> understand openindiana can use NetBSD's pkgsrc.
>> Would it be best to contribute new packages directly to pkgsrc, so 
>> that
>> they would hopefully be maintained by a more numerous team, and still
>> benefitting openindiana (and illumos)?
> You might lose some level of system integration (services, mediators,
> facets) and be  impacted by system changes that pkgsrc is not aware
> of.
> Prioritizing pkgsrc may be convenient to some extent but there are
> trade offs (which I personally think are too big).
> If the goal is to have a consistent illumos distribution, best is to
> improve the build system and packages provided by the OS. Maintaining
> a selected set of packages allows better control on the quality of the
> packages delivered.
> When it comes to multimedia packages we have VLC which covers most
> pratical uses. If someone steps up to support another player that
> provides more features why not, but if it is a matter of aesthetics
> one needs to justify the maintenance burden.
> I started contributing to oi-userland a few years ago, and it is not
> as difficult as I thought it would be :)
> Kind regards
> Aurelien

Thank you very much for the clarification.

I am coming from FreeBSD (since 2002, both on servers and workstations).

I am just getting my feet wet with openindiana.

I am studying Pro OpenSolaris, and getting to OpenSolaris Bible later, 
having my first install on a ThinkPad W541. I must say, I was impressed 
on how smooth and flawless the install was, in comparison to Win 10, 
FreeBSD 11 or even Linux Mint.

 From the overall feel of it I know this is home.

I would like very much to contribute some packages, when (if ever)  I'll 
have enough expertise.

As I understand, then, it would be better to contribute to openindiana 
repositories, as found here:https://www.openindiana.org/packages/

When the time will come, would I be able to "pester" people on this 
list, in regards to creating new packages? Or better the oi-dev list?

Thank you.


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